Product Description:

Single component room temperature curing silicone sealant
· It has good flow performance, and has good extrusion performance In the range of 4~40℃
· No corrosion to metal, glass, gypsum board, marble and plastic etc,and good adhesion performance.



Excellent weather resistance, good waterproof and
insulation properties
· High temperature and low temperature resistance, and at – 40℃ of low temperature will not become brittle, hardening or cracking, at the temperature of 180℃ will not soften, degradation after cured, and always maintain good elasticity
· Comply with EU ROHS directive requirements


① Insulation seal for electrical switch
② Insulation seal for relays and other electronic components
③LED lamp adhesive, waterproof, insulation, sealing


① This product is non-toxic after completely cured, but should avoid contact with the eyes and children before curing, and working area maintain ventilation.


·50 ml/tube, 200 tube/box
·300 ml/tube,25 tube/box
·2600 ml/tube,4 tube/box

Storage And Transport

·This product should be stored in a dry, cool place, avoid rain, sun exposure, storage period of four months (25℃).
· Such products are non hazardous and can be transported in general chemicals.