What are the challenges for entrepreneurs who need M2M connectivity?

The use of plastic SIM Card for devices is increasingly complex, with the need to reduce the size of equipment, in addition to cost reduction and reduction in the number of components shipped. In some cases, it is necessary to create robust equipment to withstand high temperature and vibration environments.

One of the great challenges faced is the logistics issue of SIM Cards. With different types of connectivity offer, in addition to fluctuations in signal coverage due to technology sunsets, entrepreneurs are often in a difficult situation to perform the physical exchange of SIM Cards, either for physical reasons (poorly positioned SIM Card, vibration spoiled the contacts of the electrical profile, etc.), or even technical issues (signal level in a given region does not allow full operation of the equipment, network technology unavailable in a given location, new technologies that arise, etc.).

Meet the SoftSIM technology for M2M connectivity

With the advancement of the component technologies used in the equipment, there is enough computational power to take the next step in the evolutionary scale of mobile connectivity, the so-called SoftSIM. In this mode, all the configurations that are placed inside the traditional plastic (SIM Card) are transmitted by the cloud, directly to the GSM module of your equipment. Some advantages that we noticed immediately with the implementation of SoftSIM:

Specification for SoftSIM technology

With a focus on making it easier for your company to go to the market, Links Field uses the best practices proposed by the GSMA for the SoftSIM solution, integrating connectivity directly into your device, expanding the capacity and performance of your connected equipment. As a global leader in providing SoftSIM technology, we offer a wide range of connectivity technologies, supporting initiatives by custom equipment developers and even large companies with existing serial line equipment, so they can provide the latest market innovation to customers. your customers quickly and safely.

SoftSIM Advantages

SoftSIM Advantages

Application Base works on the module’s processor, with dedicated Flash memory and RAM, increasing the security of encrypted network connectivity keys.

Ultra Low Battery Consumption

The “Ultra Battery Saving” mode on devices using SoftSIM can reduce energy consumption by up to 200 times.

Get To The Market Faster

Using the connectivity embedded in the same module that you use to manage your equipment, and with the same software used for debugging, your devices and prototypes can be brought to market much more quickly.